I never once imagined i would be where i am right at this very moment, writing this very post or making my YouTube Videos! None of this was every even on my mind at all. But God’s plan is def different from our very own, now i have a Youtube channel, Im a makeup-artist and have now started my first blog. This Blog will help me go more into depth about the things i do as a MUA and give you all more info about the products i use and where to get and so much more….. So make sure you follow me to stay updated and you can also make you’re makeup appointments here as well. So Follow this Page, Go Like RadianceFirst On Facebook, SUBSCRIBE To My YouTube ,Follow Me on Instagram and………. Stay Radiant Continue reading “Welcome”

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The meaning to life

Sometimes we sit everyday and just over think life and what life is!! God set a plan and purpose for each and everyone of us. We just have to take each day by the hand and claim it! One day at a time. Just live God will take care of the rest💖💖


Because Im An Artist

Art comes in so many different forms. True or False⁉️ i say TRUE, and this is my form of artistry. Can honestly say i love what i do‼️ alot of people may say there way too many women entering the Makeup industry but i say there’s not enough. This helps me be creative, while relaxing and focusing on what i love to do. My goal is to just grow and succeed as a Makeup-artist.

MyoMakeup Eyeshadow

This Eye Look Was Created Using

  • MyoMakeup stackable set
  • Black radiance fine liquid eyeliner
  • ShopMissA Lashes

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Alrighty!! Lets start our morning right. Pray for God to bless your day, look good, Go get some coffee and pay for the person behind you. Bless someone else today‼️ and you’ll have a great day. Do not forget to ignore all the negativity around you☺️

I Went MIA😭😭

I haven’t posted anything for a whole month and almost a half‼️ I apologize to al my followers😔…….. BUT I am back with a force guys. So much has changed in just the month that went by so keep posted to my blog. I shall go through everything piece by piece😅 im so excited…..

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Glitter Eyeliner

I Created yet another look for you all SIDE NOTE: If You Are SUBSCRIBER To My YouTube Channel & Would Like Me To Do A Video On This Look Make Sure You Comment.m🌸💖. PRODUCTS Used

  • Morphe 35B Eyeshadow Palette
  • L’Orial La Palette Nude 2
  • Black Radiance Liquid Liner
  • And Just Some Gold Glitter
  • Nyx Glitter Primer

After I applied my Eyeshadow I simply applied the eyeliner as an outline for the glitter. Although my eyeshadow is black I was still able to see the outline. So I used my Nyx glitter primer to brighten the outline and just apply the glitter where I drew my wing.

Eva Brazilian Remy Hair Review (AliExpress)

So Loves‼️ my new camera is finally here so I will be posting as often as possible. Now onto business, this Hair you see on me rn I order from a vender on a AliExpress called Eva Hair. Now this is an all honest review on this product.

This hair is 24in straight, lace frontal wig All natural color. I personally love this wig the texture is amazing and soft sleek‼️ it doesn’t tangle easily. The vender does there Business very professionally I’m glad I order my hair from them. The only flaw I can say about this Hair is I wish they would give you the option to customize your wig cap because mine is a lil big but it wasn’t a big problem that I couldn’t fix. So with that being said. Over all amazing Hair.

It’s Okay To Be Beautiful

These days women are taking on so much responsibilities, I’m not saying that men aren’t but I’m a Woman so I’m speaking in terms of myself! Ik I have so much to do in just a day and my job takes up half my day! But iv started to realize the importance of taking time off life to just spend time with yourself! Find the one thing outside of everything you have to do that makes you happy, take a moment to go out and have some fun! Get a massage! Make yourself look good just because you want too. It’s Okay To Be Beautiful & Be You‼️

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